"Getting More Comfortable"

Skills & Drills: Getting More Comfortable

March 14th (Wednesday)

6:00 to 8:00 PM

At: TargetMaster

255 Wilmington West Chester Pk

Chadds Ford, PA 19137

Cost: $74


Do you feel like you need more one on one time with an instructor?

This class will be geared towards new shooters who have completed our introductory courses but may not be ready to go to the range "solo", or for novice shooters who feel they could benefit from "extra help" to improve or expand upon their shooting skills.

Class will be limited in size to allow for more individual attention, skill set evaluation and live fire practice with an instructor by your side!





Skills & Drills: Getting More Comfortable


6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


1056 Gap Newport Pike

Avondale, PA 19311



Learn How to Clear Malfunctions

Malfunctions can happen with all machines, and so it is with a gun

Knowing how to address different types of handgun malfunctions is crucial,  whether it happens in shooting sports or in a self defense encounter.

Learn how to identify and clear some common hand gun malfunctions confidently. 

This class is for novice to experienced shooters. Must bring your own centerfire handgun and be proficient with your firearm. Please bring a minimum of 75 rounds of ammunition.

* Door prizes *