See what our students have to say!

Last night was amazing! I have always said I wanted to learn and never followed through. I’m so happy I went. Seriously the best $ I’ve ever spent! I’d do it again in a heart beat!

I really appreciate you stressing that education goes far beyond one class. I have to be honest I never thought learning to shoot a gun would involve more than just an hour of class time! I really look forward to learning more in the future!

You said we rock; YOU ROCK! Thank you for your time, your knowledge and your co-instructors knowledge and help! Like I said earlier it was amazing!
— Michele

"I've taken a few gun safety and intro classes but Erinn's is by far the best for women. I cannot wait to do more classes! After taking Introduction 1 and How to Buy a Gun classes I feel so much more comfortable in walking into a gun store by myself and purchasing."

- Katelyn

Not going to lie...I was so nervous to shoot my new 9mm for the first time. I got up their took my first shot and YES!!

I was almost relieved when there wouldn’t be enough time for a second round. When you bumped me to the front of your line could you see the dread on my face??! LOL! But I’m SOOO glad that you did! You had me shoot another 6 bullets and by the 3rd, I felt much more at ease. THANK YOU for pushing me through because I was really ready to call it a night and deal with that fear another time. I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve got a long way to go but just those few extra shots the other night made the difference between me leaving feeling afraid and me being able to leaving feeling like “Yea, I CAN do this!”

THANK YOU!! Can’t wait for another class.
— Kate
"I had never held a gun before but was on my bucket list. The intro class was great and despite my initial anxiety it was awesome and I want to go again for the second class. I may never own a gun but enjoyed learning safety and target shooting. Thanks to all the girls."
Tonight was awesome!! Thank you so much. I learned a ton and am starting to work on my habits immediately!
— Devyn
"So basically my husband is an awesome husband and dad but he is an awful teacher:-) He is into shooting and loading and I wanted to share his interest but after 1 trip to the shooting range I felt like I was shooting but really I had no idea what was happening with the gun or how to load it under pressure. I wanted to take your course because I DO WANT to know how to use the gun when he is traveling...if I would need to. 
After your course I can say without reservations...I truly understand how to load it, how to hold it, were to point it, how to check it, how to stand and how to aim. Your course made me feel confident and that's huge when it comes to a weapon that can potentially change many lives in a second. 
You were clear in your directions and I really liked the classroom time and demonstrations before the actual shooting. The other woman were great too! 
I look forward to taking part two".