Learn how to shoot with female instructors! 

Round up the girls for a fun night out at the gun range!

We understand that learning how to shoot can be a scary and an intimidating experience for a woman.

We think you will find our All Women Policy very comforting.  

All our instructors are patient, soft spoken, non-threatening women.

Every student will have one on one training time with a female instructor.

Our main focus is safety!

* Students will receive a Certificate upon completion of the Part 2 class *



Introduction to Shooting: Part 1

Do you want learn to shoot?

Round up the girls for a night of fun!

Special introductory offer for ladies only.

Classroom and one on one range time with female instructors.

We will provide everything you need including guns, ammo and "eyes and ears".

(Includes a coupon for 1 hour free range time)


Hear what the girls have to say!


“Without your classes I would probably have never touched a firearm. Thank you for that!”


"The environment is very welcoming, so if you're nervous/scared or have never handled a gun, this is THE place for you. The instructors make the classes informative, fun and are very encouraging. They make you feel comfortable and instill confidence in you. My mom and I have taken parts 1 and 2 of the intro to shooting class and the class on how to respond to an active shooter (SUPER informative) and I'm hooked. You even get a certificate once you complete both parts. Whether you own a gun or not, this gun safety class is a must. I am very thankful for Erinn and her team!"


"Just signed up for class! So excited. My best friend and daughter attended your classes recently and spoke so highly of them. I can't wait to go! She said you ladies are unbelievable and not intimidating! See you soon"

"This is the class I was in. I just can't say enough good things about it. I feel so much more comfortable now and surprised myself by doing well. Looking forward to the next class. Just can't imagine better teachers."


"My main motivation was to learn how to shoot and be comfortable handling a firearm for self-defense, since I live alone now. I always felt safe when my husband was here because he was very familiar with firearms. Since his passing, I decided it was up to me to be responsible for my own safety. I’m gradually becoming more comfortable after taking some classes and practicing, but I still have a long way to go. I have a range near my home, but it’s mostly all men which I found to be very intimidating since I’m so new at all this. Learning and shooting with other women has made a big difference. I really don’t know if I would have gone any further than purchasing a gun if I hadn’t found the a Girl and a Gun shooting group. I believe it will grow to include many more women who feel the need to have the information and hands-on experience to provide their own self-defense. I want to thank you and the other instructors for having the group available to us."
-Kathy"As a home inspector, I am often alone in empty homes. Almost every year since I've been in business I hear of a realtor who was either attacked or attacked and killed in an empty home she was showing. That's not happening to me. This is what motivated me to own and learn how to properly shoot a firearm. Now, I am interested in competing in the shooting league. -Simone




"Thanks. its been both educational and fun.   You are an excellent instructor!"

~ Kathy



"I want to let you know how helpful their class was. As in many families, I assume, my husband is very proficient with a gun. He has put a gun in my hand and had me shoot at targets, but not as an instructor would. I so appreciated the finesse we were shown and the encouragement we received. My friends and I will be back."

~ Sydney



"I am first time shooter and the class Wednesday night was great!!!   It gave me the ability to learn all the right things about guns and shoot, which was awesome..."

~ Christine





Introduction to Shooting

August 20, 2019 ( Tues)

6:00-8:30 Pm

At:  Targetmaster

255 Wilmington West Chester Pike, ChaddsFord, Pa 19137

Introduction to Shooting

Sept. 10, 2019 (Tuesday)

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

At: Classic Pistol

1310 Industrial Blvd.

Southhampton, Pa

Introduction to Shooting

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

at: Gun Range

542 North Percy St.

Philadelphia, Pa

Couples Introduction to Shooting

6:00-8:30 Pm

At:  Targetmaster

255 Wilmington West Chester Pike, ChaddsFord, Pa 19137